Cambium cnRanger Tyndall - 150 Mbps TDD LTE

Tyndall serves as Cambium's active antenna subscriber unit for its cnRanger private LTE solution.

With an economical price point, Tyndall operates on global 2.3 to 2.7 GHz TDD LTE bands B38, B40, and B41. As a Cat 4 unit Tyndall can provide peak DL data rates up to 150 Mbps, using 2x2 MIMO and modulation up to 64QAM.

Like most active antenna systems Tyndall is designed for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). The unit has adaptive modulation supporting SINR down to +3 dB, with a receive sensitivity down to -98 dBm.

While primarily targeted at our overseas customers, if you can licence the spectrum R-Spectrum can provide the Private LTE solution.

Recommended Use

Tyndall can only be used as an active antenna on a compatible cnRanger LTE network. Each unit is designed to operate from a fixed location and communicate with a defined cnRanger eNB - the units cannot handoff between sectors.

Band Compatibility

Technical Specification

4G Parameters4G Parameters
LTE Chipset 4G Bands See Compatibility Checker
LTE DL Category
Cat 4
LTE UL Category
Cat 4
LTE DL Data Rate
150 Mb/s
LTE DL Modulation
LTE UL Data Rate
51 Mb/s
LTE UL Modulation
Carrier AggregationNot Supported Max. MIMO
Nominal Gain [ ? ]
15.00 dBi
Polarisation [ ? ]
Dual Slant ±45°
Operating Temperature-40 °C to 60 °C Dimensions
260 x 260 x 92 mm (L x W x D)
Power Supply
30 V PoE, 7.6 W consumption
2 kg
Ingress Protection
PoE Support
Cambium 30 Vdc
Data Connections Data Rate
1x RJ45 Copper
Azimuth Polar Plot Elevation Polar Plot
cnRanger SM azimuth polar plot
cnRanger SM elevation polar plot
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