Huawei 5G CPE Win

Built with Balong 5000 5G chipset, HUAWEI 5G CPE Win supports both FR1 NSA and SA network modes with super high speed. It has full fallback capability to 4G as an alternative if the area does not have a 5G network.

The active antenna has 4x 5.5 dBi omnidirectional antennas design ensures consistent coverage over a broad area with high-bandwidth 5G signal. Plus, the uplink signal strength is boosted to 26 dBm under SA mode. The signal's edge rate is increased by 20% compared to alternatives.

Thanks to the 5G SRS (Surrounding Reference Signal) Antenna Switching by 4 antennas, HUAWEI 5G CPE Win measures signal strengths in real time to provide you with reliable performance even when encountering interference. It also helps to accelerate speed by 20% by intelligently pairing different channels.


Recommended Use

The IP65 rated Huawei 5G CPE Win is designed for outdoor installation, such as mounted outside a window or by pole mount. This active antenna has four integrated antennas in 4x4 MIMO supporting radio data rates up to 1.6 Gb/s in 4G mode, and up to 1.65 Gb/s in 5G mode. Data rates are however throttled by the 1000BASE-T Ethernet port.

Band Compatibility


4G Specification

LTE Chipset
Balong 765
LTE DL Category
Cat 19
LTE DL Data Rate
1658 Mb/s
LTE DL Modulation
Carrier Aggregation
4G BandsSee Compatibility Checker
LTE UL Category
Cat 13
LTE UL Data Rate
150 Mb/s
LTE UL Modulation
NR Chipset
Balong 5000
FR1 Bandwidth
100 MHz
NR BandsSee Compatibility Checker
Carrier Aggregation
FR2 BandwidthNot Supported
FR2 MIMONot Supported

Chassis Specification

Nominal Gain [ ? ]
5.5 dBi
Operating Temperature -40 to 55 °C
Power Supply
240 Vac supply, DC voltage 19 Vdc, 1.26 A
Ingress Protection
Polarisation [ ? ]
112 x 187 x 29.6 mm (H x W x D)
570 g
PoE Support
Passive PoE
Data Connections Data Rate
1x RJ45 Copper

About the Supplier

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Our aim is to enrich life and improve efficiency through a better-connected world, acting as a responsible corporate citizen, innovative enabler for the information society, and collaborative contributor to the industry. Driven by customer-centric innovation and open partnerships, Huawei has established an end-to-end ICT solutions portfolio that gives customers competitive advantages in telecom and enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing.