Understanding Antennas

External antennas found under this section are classed as Passive Antennas. These types of antennas connect to a device such as a modem, repeater, or wireless radio using coaxial cables.

Passive antennas have been up until recently been the most common type of external antenna for 3G and 4G technologies, and some low frequency wireless technologies. They still remain an important part of WiFi and IoT communication systems, although devices are increasingly using Active Antennas.

Passive Antennas are typically simple in construction and support frequencies up to around 6 GHz and multi antenna up to 4x4 MIMO.

Blackhawk panel antenna mounted on galvanised steel mast

Resources & Articles

Antenna Polarisations

Polarisation is perhaps the most fundamental characteristic of an antenna which describes the plane in which its electric field radiates. It is an important parameter to understand as wireless communication requires transmit and receive antennas to operate on...

Antenna Types

Find out about the antenna types and designs that exist. We'll be working to expand this section over time.