Blackhawk 14 dBi Yagi Antenna - 700 & 850 MHz

Blackhawk's 14 dBi Yagi antenna is without a doubt the most popular installed 3G antenna in Australia. This antenna is the ideal antenna for Cel-Fi GO repeaters.

With Telstra announcing the gradual shutdown of the Telstra 3G / Next-G network over the next few years it's critical that any antenna being installed today is compatible with the Telstra 4GX (700 MHz) network which will take its place.

Blackhawk tune their Yagi antenna to a 200 MHz bandwidth @ VSWR ~2:1 from 690 to 890 MHz. This allows the one high gain antenna to operate on both 850 MHz 3G and 700 MHz 4G without any major compromise in performance.

This antenna requires little further explanation. It is high performance, designed in Queensland, and built tough for Australian conditions.

Recommended Use

With a 14 dBi gain, the antenna is designed to operate in rural and regional areas, out to about 40 kilometres from the nearest base station. 14 dBi provides a good compromise between high gain and narrow beamwidth.

Antennas need to maintain a reasonably wide beam (around 25 degrees in this case) to capture reflected and delayed radio paths that your device's rake receiver can digitally reconstruct.


Safety Notice

Like all high gain antenna it is important to disconnect this antenna during handling and installation. This product may generate EME that exceeds ARPANSA safety limits within 300 mm of the antenna mainlobe.

RF Warning antenna exposure

Network Compatibility

Technical Specification

Frequency Range 698 to 890 MHz Input Impedance 50 Ω
Vertical (V)
Max. Input Power 50 W PIM, 3rd Order
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 70 °C Dimensions
1330 x 220 x 75 mm
1.5 kg
Clamp included, pole Ø 30 to 50 mm
RF Connections Notes
1x , 300 mm with
Frequency Range Peak Gain VSWR Az. El. F/B Ratio Inter-Port XPI
690 to 890 MHz 14.0 dBi
< 2.0:1
27° 26°
> 25 dB

Blackhawk Antennas are a quality antenna supplier based in Australia. Primarily supplying equipment to improve cellular mobile network performance, Blackhawk equipment represents a best-in-class solution which carefully balances economics with RF performance.