L-100 Patch Cable, TS-9 to SMA Female, 180 mm

TS-9 to SMA Female patch cables are designed to connect a feeder or jumper cable to a user device such as a mobile broadband modem.

The cable's TS-9 connector matches the external antenna connection on many 4G modems. Brands such as Netgear use the TS-9 connection to allow the attachment of larger 4G antennas. In most cases a 4G modem will use two TS-9 connectors to operate in 2x2 MIMO, providing twice the performance over a single antenna.

It's important to distinguish the TS-9 connector from the visually similar CRC9 connector. Despite a similar appearance, the two interfaces are totally incompatible. Manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE use the CRC9 connector, with Netgear being one of the only brands using the TS-9 interface.

This patch lead is 18 cm (180 mm) in length, and uses a high quality L-100 coaxial cable. With the advancement of 4G and 5G into higher frequency bands conventional RG-174 and RG-316 can no longer be used.

Recommended Use

Externally mounted antennas improve the performance of mobile broadband by receiving the stronger signal naturally present outside the building. TS-9 is a simple, low cost RF interface capable of handling frequencies through to 3 GHz, making it suitable for 3G and 4G frequencies.

Modern 4G and 5G modems are no longer using TS-9 connectors. Technology has evolved to require larger numbers of antennas and operate at frequencies that the TS-9 cannot handle.

Device Compatibility

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Technical Specification

Cable Series Length
0.18 m
Frequency Range 0 to 3000 MHz Weight
0.05 kg
Input Impedance 50 Ω VSWR< 1.20:1
RF Connections Notes
Male Pin to insert into Female connector on modem.
Connects to antenna feed cable