AL340 Guyed Aluminium Lattice Tower

AL340 are a modular lattice tower consisting of a large rotatable base plate, modular 3.1 metre lattice sections, guy wires, anchor footings/skids, and a range of headframes.

The 3.1 m sections are easily stacked meaning radio towers can be built as small as 3.1 metres with full structural engineering certification up to 40.7 metres (25.2 metres in Wind Region C).

Ground mounted AL340 towers were designed around the use of Surefoot footings for simple, straightforward installation. Concrete cages and other options are available on request.

With safety paramount, the tower base comprises of a 50 tonne rated, fully machined billet aluminium universal-joint. This universal-joint design allows axis locking to permit safe and easy raising, as well as the components machined from solid structural grade aluminium providing absolute peace of mind of tower integrity.

We've listed this tower as a demonstration of solutions R-Spectrum can provide. You're certainly welcome to enquire with us and we will direct you to our manufacturing partner APAC Infrastructure for ordering.

Recommended Use

AL340 is R-Spectrum's standard-use guyed tower system. As an RF integrator we leave the large tower systems to professional rigging companies. AL340 is a lightweight medium-sized lattice tower that allows us to meet our project requirements within budget and on time.

Technical Specification

Available Heights
40.7 m
footprint = 2h / tan(60)
6005 T5 Aluminium Alloy
Raw Aluminium, acid cleaned
13AL340 Aluminium Lattice Modules (maximum)
9Guy Wire Equaliser Plate
1Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel Guy Wire Kit
1Hinged Tower Base and Base Plate
1Surefoot Footing or Ground Cage
Attached Files

APAC Infrastructure are an Australian steel fabrication and machining company dedicated to the high technology and renewable energy industries. APAC are focused on developing high tech height systems based on sustainable and advanced processes to ensure Australian business remains globally competitive.