GPP48 Climbable Guyed Roof Mast

The GPP48 climbable guyed steel roof mast meets the challenge for a medium height while maintaining accessibility, allowing antenna systems to be aligned with ease, or more equipment added post-installation. Masts options are available in heights from 4.0 m to 6.0 m.

The split two-section design reduces shipping length under three metres, allowing transport anywhere in the globe. This clever design also allows the top section to be rotatable, permitting azimuthal adjustments post-installation, and also completely replaceable with a custom mast head such as a cluster or sector mounting frame.

Foot pegs are fully welded galvanised steel, climbable up to the three metre mark (first section) to access any equipment mounted even at the five metre mark. Being all-galvanised steel construction, this kit will last for years in the harsh Australian environment.

Stainless steel guy kit options are available on request.

Recommended Use

This mast satisfies R-Spectrum's need for a low cost, medium-height roof solution. The mast is simple and extremely durable, with a full range of stainless steel options for coastal installations.

Technical Specification

Available Heights
4.0 to 6.0 m
5045 x 1730 mm ⌀ (5.0 m mast)
Grade C350 pipe
Hot dipped galvanised, Duragal to AS 4792
148.3x2.9 mm Mast with Climbing Pegs, 3.0 m
142.4x2.65 mm Top Mast, 1.0 to 3.0 m options
1Guy Wire Kit 3.2 mm, Class 7x19, Grade 2070, Galvanised Steel
1Mast foot plate, with M10 bolt + nylock
Attached Files

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