HTC 5G Hub - 4G & 5G Modem

In May 2019 Telstra introduced it's first 5G modem - the Telstra 5G Hub. Manufactured by HTC this high powered 5G modem and router provides 5G speeds as high as 2.63 Gbps using the newly Telstra 5G network.

The media-centric device provides a vast array of experiences including 4K streaming, voice and remote control, Bluetooth 5.0, dual band 802.11ac/ad WiFi.

While first launched on the Telstra network, the HTC 5G Hub is compatible with the frequency bands used for both Optus 5G and Vodafone 5G networks (FR1 only).

Recommended Use

What we're most interested in however is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset + X50 modem, which provides 2 Gbps DL throughput over 4G LTE-A Pro leveraging 4x4 MIMO and 7CA. In 5G areas the HTC 5G Hub supports FR1 Sub-6 GHz, operating EN-DC to add an n78 (3500 MHz) layer.

It should be noted however that 7C isn't in use on the Australian version, as LAA 5 GHz is not implemented by the device.

While not listed on the device's specification, the HTC 5G Hub is reportedly backwards compatible with Telstra 3G - although it's worth pointing out the network shut-down has already been announced.

Network Compatibility

Technical Specification

4G Parameters4G Parameters
LTE Chipset
Snapdragon X24 LTE
4G Bands See Compatibility Checker
LTE DL Category
Cat 20
LTE UL Category
Cat 20
LTE DL Data Rate
2019 Mb/s
LTE DL Modulation
LTE UL Data Rate
316 Mb/s
LTE UL Modulation
Carrier Aggregation
5G Parameters5G Parameters
NR Chipset
Snapdragon X50
NR Bands
n78 (3500 MHz)
FR1 Bandwidth
100 MHz
FR2 BandwidthNot Supported
FR1 MIMO FR2 MIMONot Supported
Operating Temperature to Dimensions
129 x 100 x 43 mm
Power Supply
12 Vdc 2.5 A Power Pack, USB-C
340 g
Ingress Protection PoE Support
Data Connections Data Rate
1x RJ45 Copper
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