About N Connectors

The "Navy" series connector, also known as Type-N or N-Type, was originally designed for military communications.

The N connector remains one of the most commonly used RF connector in circulation.

The connector is widely available for a range of cable types; flexible, corrugated copper tube, and semi-rigid / semi-flex transmission lines. N connectors can be found in any telecommunications application from VHF to Sub-6 GHz microwave.

N connectors have a 5/8 - 24 UNEF threaded coupling and are often considered weatherproof for low frequency applications, however lack of internal gaskets make weatherproofing necessary for reliable operation. N connectors have a 50 Ω characteristic impedance, with 75 Ω variations also available with modified contact and dielectric configuration.

Most manufacturers specify an upper operating limit of 3 to 6 GHz, with high quality variants up to 11 GHz, and precision types operating to 18 GHz.


50 Ω
Max. Operating Frequency
11.0 GHz
Male Connector
N Male connector