Field Technical Services

Nationwide Telecommunications

R-Spectrum provide expert field technical services throughout Australia and the Pacific regions. We are one of Australia's most experienced teams in high performance data connectivity.

We develop advanced radiofrequency systems and support their deployment through our network of national field contractors. Our team works with a range of IP-based wireless technologies, including licensed microwave, E-band, sub-6 GHz, 900 MHz ISM, and with a strong specialisation in 4G & 5G cellular.

R-Spectrum manages all field and installation work under its comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) system. Our EHS system sets out the way R-Spectrum technicians and contractors conduct themselves safely on worksites, and how we engage with the community, the environment, and First Nations People.

Nationally Accredited Team

  • Queensland Electrical Contractor 84564
  • ACMA / TITAB Cabling Licenced (Fibre Optic, Structured Ethernet, Coaxial)
  • QBuild Contractor 872310
  • QLD Mine Site Ready (Standard 11 & CBM)
  • AFP National Police Check
Wireless and microwave technical services, mine spec vehicle

Remote Connectivity

With the rapid rollout of long range 4G by all three of the Australian mobile network operators, high speed and reliable connections are not just for those in city areas.

Since the beginnings of 3G and 4G mobile internet, technology has evolved dramatically. Speeds of over 2 Gigabits are possible using the latest generation of 4G LTE-A Pro hardware, and speeds of over 3.5 Gigabits possible with the right 5G equipment. Compared to the first mobile internet connections that's a 48,000% increase in speed over just 10 years.

In technical terms, Telstra and Optus have implemented 4G Band 28 which sits in the 700 MHz frequency range. This 700 MHz band travels very long distances and using the right hardware it can be picked up as far as 70 kilometres from the base station. Because both mobile phone services and internet services are broadcast using the same technology we can bring both mobile connectivity as well as data to just about anywhere.

Telstra and Vodafone have also implemented narrowband LTE technologies including NB-IoT and LTE-M, allowing sensor / machine connectivity at distances beyond 100 kilometres.

Technical Analysis

Achieving extraordinary speeds over extraordinary distances is not easy accomplishment. Many of our clients have been told by the network operator that connectivity is impossible in their location, and under ordinary circumstances that's true.

We take an engineering science approach to our work. Before any system can be built you need to understand why it is needed - what is causing weak signal strength, what technologies are available, and ultimately what equipment is required to overcome the physical challenges that have been discovered.

Advanced computer modelling is used to simulate the mobile network digitally. This allows our technicians to understand the impact of environmental factors such as hills, mountains, and trees, along with network factors such as base station parameters, power levels, antenna gains, and broadcast patterns.

The model also simulates a device at your location, allowing us to predict signal strengths, data speeds, as well as work out the required height, and antenna equipment necessary to provide a solid connection.

Who can we connect?

Everyone. Whether you operate a mine camp, exploration / drilling rig, underground car park, or simply have a building in a blackspot area, we can tailor our technology to you.

With our own team supported by nation-wide installation partner Powertec Telecommunications, R-Spectrum can arrange turn-key system installation anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the wider Pacific region. We deliver our deployable communications systems nationally through trusted freight partners, with backed up by fly-in / drive-in field support.

Australia-wide technical support for 3G, 4G, and 5G