Aerosig - Balloon Connectivity

Extreme Remote Connectivity

For extremely remote locations often connectivity is deemed impossible. Balloon-based systems allow equipment to be floated up to 200 metres where connectivity is possible.

In conjunction with some of Australia's leading technology firms, R-Spectrum is currently developing a balloon-based solution for mobile broadband and cellular phone coverage.

These small-scale systems are designed to provide connectivity to extremely isolated sites, such as mining exploration camps, outback cattle properties, remote communities, non-government organisations, as well as in defence applications.

The balloon platform supports a payload suitable for small communications systems. Notably the two systems under development are a high speed 4G LTE-A Pro and local wireless relay ECM, and a custom developed Cel-Fi repeater ECM. Both systems include GPS tracking, solar power, and a trailer-based ground support subsystem.

More information will be released as the Aerosig system approaches commercialisation.

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