R-Spectrum’s website has been designed to operate on a range of browsers and operating systems, providing users with convenient access to our digital media.  This page provides useful information about the site.


This site uses Accessibility Guidelines or General Principles of Accessible Design laid down by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Working Group of the W3C as the overall framework for its design.

Visual Design

The visual layout of this site has been created using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which, due to its structural markup, ensures that the content is entirely legible even for browsers or devices that do not support style sheets.


The website has a set of expandable menus which provide the primary means of accessing major content areas.  Using the search facilities of this site generates high quality results based on metadata and full text indexing.  A sitemap is also provided which can be used to quickly access content deep within the site.


Whenever possible, links are written in such a way that they make sense out of context.  Excluding certain fillable forms, internal links do not open in a new window.  External links do open in a new window.


If you have questions about, or are having difficulties using our website please contact us.