Corporate Overview

About the Company

R-Spectrum are an Australian-based wireless technology firm specialising in the development of high performance wireless telecommunications. With a finger on the pulse of wireless technologies our company is building some of the world's most unique radiofrequency systems. Leveraging years of experience in antenna design, procurement, and market intelligence we aim to advance industry through the development of dynamic, high throughput, and highly spectral efficient telecommunications systems.

Operating from the company's office in the Sunshine Coast, our team designs RF systems for the Australian and surrounding Pacific regions, providing high speed wireless connectivity through the application of high gain antenna systems and a number of unique telecommunications platforms. Our work has helped our installation partners bring connectivity to thousands across some of the most challenging environments and impossible scenarios.

In the complex sector of RF, we empower our global client base with technical insight and the supply of equipment expertly tailored for each application. Acting as a clients vital link to vendors requires uncompromising integrity and exceptional relationships with all parties; it is through these connections that a foundation of shared success is established.

Halberd Bastion Pty Ltd (trading as R-Spectrum) is a wholly Australian-owned private company registered in the Commonwealth of Australia. The company's business operations are conducted from Australia, supported by its small team in Guangzhou.


Our Approach

R-Spectrum tackles the challenging field of RF through a physical sciences approach. With the majority of our work focused around extending the reach of 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, we have developed comprehensive computer models that digitally simulate the coverage and performance of mobile networks. Development of these models has been through reverse engineering of the technology and hardware used by the major mobile network operators, and calculations checked off against hundreds of man-hours in the field.

In addition to mobile network simulation, our team works with a range of vegetation datasets and high accuracy digital elevation models including 0.3 metre LIDAR to develop site-specific models for microwave and WiFi connectivity. Computer modelling allows us to not only plan RF deployments with precision accuracy, but also develop procedures and best-practices on how systems should be deployed by site engineers.

With access to highly detailed coverage simulations, our national integration partners are able travel to site with absolute confidence in the success of the proposed solution.

Our Impact

We take satisfaction from being a global citizen and understand the importance of the advancing impact that we have on communities affected by our operations. A professional and progressive culture is fostered among our team, and all personnel operate within a framework of policies.