Corporate Overview

About the Company

Powertec Solutions are an Australasian wireless technology firm specialising in the development of high performance wireless telecommunications. Leveraging years of experience in RF design, project management, managed services, and market intelligence we aim to advance industry through the development of dynamic, high throughput, and highly spectral efficient telecommunications systems.

With offices in the Gold Coast and Sydney, our team designs, builds, and manages RF systems for the Australasian and Pacific regions, providing wireless connectivity through the application of advanced antenna systems and unique telecommunications platforms. Through our network of local installation partners we have helped bring connectivity to hundreds of thousands of clients across some of the most challenging environments and scenarios.

In the complex field of RF, we empower our global client base with technical insights and the supply of technology systems expertly tailored for each application. We provide comprehensive managed services and after-sales support for our telecommunications solutions, ensuring peace of mind.

Powertec Holdings Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned public company registered in the Commonwealth of Australia. The company's business operations are conducted from Australia, New Zealand, and Philippines.


Our Approach

Powertec tackles the challenging field of RF through a physical sciences approach. With the majority of our work focused around improving performance and extending the reach of cellular mobile networks, we use a combination of industry standard computer-aided design suites and internally developed toolsets. Our software engineering team have developed comprehensive computer models that digitally simulate the coverage and performance of mobile networks, cloud-based GIS tools, contractor management software, and specialised IBC survey applications.

In addition to cellular technologies, our team works with a range of datasets and high accuracy digital elevation models, 3D photogrammetry, and LIDAR to develop site-specific models for microwave, IoT, and WiFi connectivity. Computer modelling allows us to not only plan RF deployments with precision accuracy, but also develop procedures and best-practices on how systems should be deployed by site engineers.

The company's electrical engineering division develops off-grid solar and hybrid power systems, and close cooperation with our fabrication partners allows the development of turn-key telecommunications infrastructure solutions.

With the backing of Powertec's engineering teams, our integration partners and contractors are able to attend site with absolute confidence in the success of the proposed solution.

Global Citizenship

Powertec endeavours to make all appropriate efforts to understand global issues, to act with thoughtfulness about them, and to change the company and the world for the better.

Dubai Skyline Global Citizenship

Business Conduct

Powertec is committed to principles of business ethics and lawful conduct. It is the firm’s policy to conduct all business ethically and lawfully in all matters and to maintain high standards of integrity; satisfying its Regulatory Compliance obligations.

Powertec business conduct principles

Business Relationships

Powertec strives to conduct business in a fair and equitable manner, providing diverse businesses the opportunity to participate in all areas of commercial activity regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, national origin/political ideology, caste, gender, nationality/political ideology, ethnic origin, disability, or age.

Business Relationships

Quality Management

Powertec is committed to providing clients with quality goods and services, recognising that quality is an important component of the value our clients receive. Powertec operates an accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Quality Management

Environmental Outlook

Powertec views the protection of our shared environment as fundamentally important and works collaboratively with our clients, vendors, and the surrounding community on environmental issues. Powertec encourages the use of natural resources, including raw materials, energy, and water, as efficiently as possible. Powertec operates an accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Environmental Outlook

Supply Chain

Powertec imposes a Code of Conduct for Partners, exemplifying appropriate behaviour and serving as the primary convention for vendors. The code establishes the minimum standards expected from the supply base as a condition of them doing business with our company.

Supply Chain

Information Confidentiality

Powertec is dedicated to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of data about its clients, partners, personnel and other identifiable individuals.

Information Confidentiality

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Powertec maintains an Integrated Management System that is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS/NZS 4801. Powertec branded equipment is manufactured and tested in accordance to international standards, including the use of APLAC and CNAS accredited laboratories.

Corporations that operate in highly competitive and progressive markets must ensure that focus and innovation are constantly maintained; our company demonstrates determination through building our capital and achieving greater returns for our investors.  By recognising and appreciating the expectations that are placed on Powertec by our shareholders the firm is strengthened by being held financially accountable at all times.

Powertec’s corporate headquarters and primary base of business operations is the Commonwealth of Australia. Conducting our business from this location dictates adherence to all legislative requirements within this tightly regulated environment.