Investor Relations

Corporations that operate in highly competitive and progressive markets must ensure that focus and innovation are constantly maintained; our company demonstrates determination through building our capital and achieving greater returns for our investors.  By recognising and appreciating the expectations that are placed on Powertec by our shareholders the firm is strengthened by being held financially accountable at all times.

Profitability is key to business success and instrumental in attracting and retaining our quality people. The company has robust corporate governance practices that promote accountability and provide an environment of effective oversight.

Corporate Profile

  • Design and construction of advanced wireless technology solutions
  • Procurement and distribution of wireless technology hardware
  • Diversified global client base comprising individuals, corporate / institutional entities & government bodies
  • Headquartered in Australia with business operations supported from Philippines and Singapore
  • Does not make political contributions in Australia from corporate funds
  • High profit per employee through recruitment and retainment of highly talented personnel

By aggressively pursuing our objectives and maintaining business integrity, Powertec substantiates its worth to our clients and partners. The mercantile success of the company is imperative as free capital allows for, amongst other prospects; increased investment in research and development, ongoing expansion, and facilitates strategic management options, all of which benefits our clients, partners and other stakeholders by ensuring the long-term prosperity of the business.


To request further information please write to our corporate address below.

Investor Relations
Powertec Holdings Ltd
PO Box 1034,
Ashmore City, Queensland,
Australia, 4214.

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