Cellferno M600 4G Active Antenna - 300 Mbps LTE
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The Cellferno M600 Active Antenna represents one of the most significant advancements in 4G LTE modems in years. Designed to provide high speed wireless broadband, this all-outdoor modem incorporates and advanced Sierra Wireless Cat-6 4G module and an AAS MIMO antenna system integrated with an IP66 weatherproof enclosure.

  • Cat-6 – Speeds up to 300 Mb/s
  • 40 MHz 2C CA with 256QAM
  • FDD+TDD LTE-A including Supplemental Downlink (SDL) bands
  • Backwards compatible with legacy 3G networks

The M600 is equipped with an LTE-Advanced Cat-6 chipset supporting 2x2 MIMO technology. Operating on most major 4G bands throughout Australia and abroad this unit stands ready to deliver high speed wireless access to areas beyond the ordinary footprint of high speed 4G networks.

Recommended Use

Cellferno's M600 Active Antenna is a true disruptor, eliminating the need for complicated antennas and cables. Plug-and-play using an ordinary ethernet cable, the unit can be self-installed in a matter of minutes.

The M600 model is ideal for rural and regional areas where minimal benefit is obtained from the more expensive M1200 unit, such as those areas without 3C CA or AAS techniques.

Being able to stand up to harsh Australian conditions was at the front of mind when this product was designed, operating in temperatures up to 65°C, rugged stainless steel mount, IP66 protection and an in-built heater for clearing ice makes the M600 ideal for mission-critical applications.

Frequency Range [ ? ]698 to 2700 MHz
Polarisation [ ? ]
Max. Input Power [ ? ]10 W
Input Impedance50 Ω
MIMO [ ? ]
PIM, 3rd Order [ ? ]
Frequency Range [ ? ] Peak Gain [ ? ] VSWR [ ? ] Az. [ ? ] El. [ ? ] F/B Ratio [ ? ] Inter-Port [ ? ] XPI [ ? ]
698 to 960 MHz 5.0 dBi
< 2.0:1
90° 90°
> 10 dB
1695 to 2200 MHz 8.0 dBi
< 2.0:1
70° 70°
> 10 dB
2200 to 2700 MHz 10.0 dBi
< 2.0:1
50° 50°
> 10 dB

4G Specification

LTE Chipset
Sierra Wireless MC7430
LTE DL Category
Cat 6
LTE DL Data Rate
301.50 Mb/s
LTE DL Modulation
Carrier Aggregation
4G BandsSee Compatibility Checker
LTE UL Category
Cat 7
LTE UL Data Rate
102.00 Mb/s
LTE UL Modulation

Chassis Specification

Operating Temperature-40 to 65 °C
Power Supply
48 Vdc, 1 A (Passive PoE)
Ingress Protection
247 x 247 x 107 mm (H x W x D)
1.5 kg
PoE Support
Passive PoE
Data Connections Data Rate Notes
1x RJ45 Copper

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