HBR Wideband 2x2 MIMO Stud Antenna, 700 to 2700 MHz
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2VST-6927-2 is a cost effective 2x2 MIMO antenna that operates on all Australian 3G and 4G mobile network frequencies.

R-Spectrum sought a highly compact antenna with stable radiation patterns across the entire 700 to 2700 MHz range. Our team needed a cost effective solution that could be supplied in large volumes at a price point which made large IoT projects commercially viable.

This antenna is a consistent and reliable performer, its stable 2x2 MIMO operation is made possible by the carefully isolated dual-element planar design.

During independent laboratory testing the antenna consistently demonstrated excellent performance. The antenna is very compact with a low visual impact, making it discreet and vandal resistant. The antenna is an ideal choice for IoT applications, such as NB-IoT and LTE-M. 

Recommended Use

There are undoubtedly higher performing antenna designs, however RF antenna technology has a very short diminishing return curve - requiring a large increase in cost to make a small improvement in performance.

The design of 2VST-6927-2 sits at an efficient frontier, representing best performance for unit cost.


RF Performance - Omni

Frequency Range [ ? ]698 to 2700 MHz
Polarisation [ ? ]
Max. Input Power [ ? ]10 W
Input Impedance50 Ω
MIMO [ ? ]
PIM, 3rd Order [ ? ]
Frequency Range [ ? ] Peak Gain [ ? ] VSWR [ ? ] Efficiency Average Gain Inter-Port [ ? ] El. [ ? ]
698 to 960 MHz 2.5 dBi
< 3.0:1
1710 to 2170 MHz 2.5 dBi
< 3.0:1
2300 to 2700 MHz 1.0 dBi
< 2.0:1

Physical Specification

Operating Temperature-40 to 85 °C
150 g
14.6 x 81.3 mm (H x ⌀)
M12 Stud
Ingress Protection
RF Connections Cable Length Notes
2x 1500 mm
CAD Drawing
2VST-6927-2.SA1 CAD Drawing

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