HBR Wideband 4G & 5G Hinged Antenna, 700 to 3800 MHz
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The VHT-6938-2 is an economical terminal antenna covering a wide range of 4G LTE and 5G NR frequencies between 700 and 3800 MHz. Most notably the antenna covers all common 3G and 4G bands, along with n78 (3500 MHz) used in most 5G networks across the globe.

Designed for terminals and routers, the antenna offers an articulated SMA connector for flexible positioning and a sleek profile for low visual impact. The antenna demonstrates stable omnidirectional performance with 2 to 3 dBi gain across the bands.

Recommended Use

This model of antenna is quickly being used as a drop-in replacement for older designs that aren't compatible with 5G. The unit is economically priced, with discount tiers at 100, 1000, and 5000 units, making it an exceptional choice for mass-deployment.


RF Performance - Omni

Frequency Range [ ? ]698 to 3800 MHz
Polarisation [ ? ]
Max. Input Power [ ? ]10 W
Input Impedance50 Ω
MIMO [ ? ]
PIM, 3rd Order [ ? ]
Frequency Range [ ? ] Peak Gain [ ? ] VSWR [ ? ] Efficiency Average Gain Inter-Port [ ? ] El. [ ? ]
698 to 960 MHz 2.0 dBi
< 3.0:1
1695 to 2690 MHz 3.0 dBi
< 3.0:1
3300 to 3800 MHz 3.0 dBi
< 3.0:1

Physical Specification

Operating Temperature-35 to 70 °C
40 g
198 x 37.3 x 13 mm (H x W x ⌀)
Terminal, attaches to SMA Female
Ingress Protection
RF Connections Cable Length Notes
1x Male
Integrated into hinge
Azimuth Plot: 698 to 2690 MHz Elevation Plot: 698 to 2690 MHz
Horizontal polar low band
Vertical polar low band
Azimuth Plot: 2300 to 3800 MHz Elevation Plot: 2300 to 3800 MHz
Horizontal polar high band
Vertical polar high band

About the Supplier

HB Radiofrequency engineer high performance 3G, 4G, and 5G components such as antennas, cable assemblies, and RF connectors. Equipment is sourced through the company's extensive global vendor network, providing best-in-class performance. HB Radiofrequency forms an essential unit within the Halberd Bastion enterprise, a wholly Australian-owned company with diversified business units across telecommunications procurement, manufacturing, and projects.