AL220 Aluminium Roof Mounted Lattice Tower
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With the exponentially increasing demand for data, WISP's are under pressure to maximise site and spectrum utilisation. Often the challenge faced is reaching the largest number of clients with a limited vantage point from the fibre POP - traditionally tall 'telomasts' have been used but are unsuitable for multiple sectors and most certainly unsuitable for high gain dishes.

APAC responded to the challenge by developing an ultra lightweight, climbable, aluminium lattice tower that could be easily raised on a roof with a small team.

These roof lattice towers consist of a finely machined rotating base plate, modular 3.1 metre lattice sections, guy wires, and a range of headframes. The 3.1 m sections are easily stacked meaning roof towers can be built as small as 3.1 metres with engineering certification up to 37.2 metres (21.7 metres in Wind Region C).

The tower base comprises of a 50 tonne rated, fully machined billet aluminium universal-joint. This universal-joint design allows axis locking to permit safe and easy raising, as well as the components machined from solid structural grade aluminium providing absolute peace of mind of tower integrity.

This tower ships from APAC Infrastructure in the Sunshine Coast. Additional freight charges will apply.

Recommended Use

AL220 roof towers are an effective means of increasing transmitter height. Attaching to an ordinary tin roof these towers can be installed on just about any roof configuration. They are suitable for flat, pitched, and sloped roofs, temporary demountable buildings (dongas), shipping containers, among many more.

The AL220 roof tower system is most commonly used for Sub-6 GHz wireless, but can be strengthened with the addition of anti-twist torque arms to support microwave and mmWave dishes, or CCTV cameras.


Physical Specification

6005 T5 Aluminium Alloy, 42x3 mm CHS legs, 25x3 mm braces
Raw Aluminium
3400 x 3580 mm ⌀ (at ideal 60⁰ guying)
17 kg
1AL220 multi-axis base with M12 bolt + nylock
1AL220 3.1 metre aluminium lattice base module
1Set of AL220 modules (depends on height)
1AL220 spigot or headframe
1Set of guy wire anchor plates
1Spool of 6 mm 7x19 strand guy wire (galvanised or stainless steel)
1Installation kit (wire rope clamps, saddles, thimbles, 7/16” bolts and nylocks, turnbuckles)

The below table details how this item is attached.

QtyMechanismDimensions / Details
Screw / Bolt
Attach footplate to metal roof using standard roof screws
Screw / Bolt
Attach guy wires to metal roof using standard roof screws (qty varies on height)

The below table details how equipment may be attached.

QtySurface TypeDimensions / Details
42 mm diameter, 3100 metre lengths, 220 mm face width
AL220 Bolt Pattern
Attachment of AL220 Headframes

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