B48 Medium Duty Roof Mast, 48 mm Pole
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The B48 roof mast is a medium duty mounting platform for a range of simple antenna systems.

The mast's durability is courtesy of its large 48 mm diameter galvanised pole with two stay bars attached to the mast by tek screws. Despite its simplicity, this design is quick and effective and most importantly low cost. The footplate has a hinged design allowing pitch compensation for standard corrugated iron and tin roofs.

Installation of the tin roof design uses the existing roof screw holes. Screws are removed, the foot plate and stay bars positioned, and screws are weatherproofed and replaced.

This roof mast ships from our partner in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Recommended Use

While B48 is a simple and moderately low cost platform, our team use these types of masts infrequently. Most small CPE and antennas can be mounted on simple TV antenna style roof mounts at a cost of around $40. High gain microwave and wireless link equipment on the other hand are extremely sensitive to deflection and movement and instead require the use of GC48 collared roof masts.

B48 fills a niche where multiple antennas need to be mounted, or for larger systems that are less critical in nature.


Physical Specification

Grade C350 pipe, 48.3x2.9 mm mast, 33.7x2.5 mm stay bars
Hot dipped galvanised, Duragal to AS 4792
3045 x 1160 x 1160 mm (3.0 m mast)
12 kg
148 mm ⌀ Galvanised Steel Pole
233 mm ⌀ Galvanised Steel Stay Bars
1Pitch-Adjustable Foot Plate, Galvanised Steel
1M10 Zinc Grade 8.8 bolt
4Tek screws

The below table details how this item is attached.

QtyMechanismDimensions / Details
Screw / Bolt
Attaches to metal roof using standard roof screws

The below table details how equipment may be attached.

QtySurface TypeDimensions / Details
48 mm diameter, lengths up to 3.0 metres

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APAC Infrastructure are an Australian steel fabrication and machining company dedicated to the high technology and renewable energy industries. APAC are focused on developing high tech height systems based on sustainable and advanced processes to ensure Australian business remains globally competitive.