CounterHawk Medium Series Communications Trailer
Locally Manufactured (+1 Week)

CounterHawk trailers are a mine site ready communications platform developed for instant deployment. Towed to site with an ordinary light vehicle, the trailer is capable of operating in the harsh Australian environment for the lifecycle of your project with minimal maintenance. R-Spectrum works with its local manufacturing partner to outfit CounterHawk trailers with a range of microwave, industrial WiFi, and remote 3G / 4G / 5G equipment.

The CounterHawk Medium Series trailer has an integrated seven metre dual-section counterweight mast, a 2000 x 1250 x 585 mm insulated primary electronics cabinet, and 1200 x 600 x 500 mm battery box - all while maintaining a 4473 mm transport length and 1250 kg curb weight. At full extension the mast is engineered to support a 50 kg payload.

The Medium Series trailer cabinets are painted with high-impact, high visibility yellow, with a durable hot-dipped galvanised chassis. The entire trailer subsystem is outfitted with all standard mine site and RF hazard signage.

CounterHawk trailers are available for outright purchase and also under a lease arrangement through our partner APAC Infrastructure. A range of solar and communications options are available.

Recommended Use

CounterHawk medium series trailers were developed by our partner to meet the prescriptive requirements of one of Australia's largest defence primes, and remain in active operation throughout the US and Europe. R-Spectrum are more than confident in the series' ability to handle any environmental condition.

Rather than use expensive pneumatic masts prone to failure, the trailer uses a simple two-stage SHS mast, raised using a heavy duty winch. This approach may appear unsophisticated but it results in minimal points of failure and fool-proof operation.


Physical Specification

Galvanised Steel SHS chassis, sheet metal cabinets
High-impact yellow, Hot dipped galvanised, Duragal to AS 4792
4473 x 1900 x 2605 mm (L x W x H)
1,500 kg
41000 kg levelling jacks
1Wheel chock pair
1Full-sized spare tyre

Documentation & Resources

About the Supplier

APAC Infrastructure are an Australian steel fabrication and machining company dedicated to the high technology and renewable energy industries. APAC are focused on developing high tech height systems based on sustainable and advanced processes to ensure Australian business remains globally competitive.