Cisco 4G LTE 2.5 WWAN EHWIC Modem

The Cisco 4G LTE EHWICs are the first enterprise-class multimode 4G LTE wireless WAN (WWAN) solution. With 4G LTE, WWAN is a primary WAN link solution. Businesses can now run applications such as interactive video and telepresence on a primary 4G LTE WWAN link, which is 10 to 15 times faster and has 5 times lower latency than 3G links.

These cards support the latest Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 8 Category 4 LTE standards. Cisco multimode 4G LTE WWAN EHWICs provide persistent, reliable LTE connectivity with fallback and transparent handoff to earlier technologies.

There are three models provided by Cisco. Specifications are listed for the Australian variation only (EHWIC-LTE-LA).


Recommended Use

Cisco 4G HWIC's are a mainstay of enterprise communications. This 4G modem is integrated directly into Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) which run the industry-leading Cisco IOS® Software, giving access to all the advanced features of Cisco IOS Software, such as QoS, intelligent network queuing, and robust security.


4G Specification

LTE Chipset
Sierra Wireless MC7430
LTE DL Category
Cat 6
LTE DL Data Rate
301.50 Mb/s
LTE DL Modulation
Carrier Aggregation
4G BandsSee Compatibility Checker
LTE UL Category
Cat 5
LTE UL Data Rate
75.40 Mb/s
LTE UL Modulation

Chassis Specification

Operating Temperature0 to 40 °C
Power Supply
Internal, 10.6 W peak (5.1 W typical)
Ingress Protection
19 x 78 x 124 mm (H x W x D)
147 g
PoE Support
RF Connections Notes
2x Female
Connection to 2x2 MIMO 4G Antenna

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About the Supplier

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