Sierra Wireless RV50X Industrial 4G LTE-A Modem, 300 Mb/s

The AirLink® RV50X is the industry’s lowest power and most rugged 4G LTE gateway. Simple to install and easy to manage, the RV50X industrial gateway is designed to connect critical assets and infrastructure.

Ideal for industrial-grade applications in energy, utilities and smart-city infrastructure, the RV50X provides real-time remote connectivity for SCADA, distribution management systems and metering.

The RV50X supports an extensive range of LTE bands worldwide, and its LTE-Advanced capabilities deliver up to 300 Mb/s downlink speeds. For deployments in areas with limited LTE coverage, the RV50X provides fallback to 3G networks.

With the lowest power consumption available on the market, the RV50X dramatically reduces infrastructure costs when running on battery or solar power, and provides programmability to enable edge computing applications, using the ALEOS Application Framework (AAF). 

Recommended Use

  • LTE-Advanced with minimal power consumption – less than 1 Watt
  • Ideal for solar-powered applications
  • Ruggedized, industrial grade form factor
  • Supports all Australian 3G and 4G frequency bands
  • IP64 ingress protection rating

4G Specification

LTE Chipset
Snapdragon X7 LTE
LTE DL Category
Cat 6
LTE DL Data Rate
301.50 Mb/s
LTE DL Modulation
Carrier Aggregation
4G BandsSee Compatibility Checker
LTE UL Category
Cat 5
LTE UL Data Rate
75.40 Mb/s
LTE UL Modulation

Chassis Specification

Operating Temperature-40 to 70 °C
Power Supply
7 to 36 Vdc, 900 mW typical
Ingress Protection
119 x 34 x 94 mm (L x H x D)
WeightNo Data
PoE Support
Data Connections Data Rate Notes
1x RJ45 Copper
RF Connections Notes
2x Female Bulkhead, Rear Mount
Cellular, 2x2 MIMO antenna
1x Female Bulkhead, Rear Mount
GNSS (GPS / GLONASS) antenna

Documentation & Resources

About the Supplier

Sierra Wireless is the leading manufacturer of embedded wireless modules. The company is an IoT pioneer, empowering businesses and industries to transform and thrive in the connected economy. Sierra Wireless has more than 1,300 employees globally and operates R&D centers in North America, Europe and Asia.