Cel-Fi Quatra - Enterprise 4G Repeater for Vodafone

The Cel-Fi Quatra is an enterprise 4G repeater system designed to provide in-building coverage to large facilities and small-medium sized multi-storey buildings.

Quatra is a hybrid repeater design which follows a hub-and-spoke design. The system breaks apart the functionality of an inline amplifier by separating downlink and uplink boost functions between the hub, called the Network Unit (NU), and spokes, called Coverage Units (CU).

The system requires one Network Unit and between one and four Coverage Units which are interconnected by ordinary Ethernet cables. A typical system design would use one CU per floor on a multi-storey building, or one CU per warehouse in an industrial facility. Each CU is powered via PoE from the NU.

Ethernet cables are used to transmit a digital signal between NU and CU, allowing lossless connectivity up to 100 metres and up to 200 metres with a compatible range extender. This unique implementation allows Quatra to solve ordinarily complex Vodafone coverage problems with ease.

The Vodafone Quatra repeater can relay up to four bands simultaneously, with several bands supporting 2x2 MIMO for high speed data applications.

Recommended Use

While reasonably straight forward to install, Quatra must be carefully designed and configured in order to correctly function. As a hybrid DAS unit, Vodafone like all mobile network operators require R-Spectrum to conduct extensive RF design prior to approval of use at the building under investigation.

Vodafone Quatra functionality can be extended further using its QMA service antenna connectors, permitting connection to a building's existing passive DAS distribution cabling. The unit can also support connection to a Small Cell to covert the repeater to an On-Air system.

Technical Specification

System Gain100 dB Input Impedance50 Ω
Relay Bandwidth
75 MHz
Simultaneous Bands
MIMO Ingress Protection
Max. DL Power
16 dBm
Max. UL Power
22 dBm
Operating Temperature0 to 40 °C Dimensions
250 x 188 x 55 mm (L x W x D) (NU)
1.2 kg
Power Supply
51.3 to 56.7 Vdc, 2.22 A (via external supply)
RF Connections Notes
2x Female PCB, Surface Mount
2x2 MIMO connection to Donor Antenna
2x Female PCB, Surface Mount
2x2 MIMO connection to Service Antennas
Data Connections Data Rate
4x RJ45 Copper
1x RJ45 Copper
1x RJ45 Copper

About the Supplier

Nextivity, Inc. develops and sells in-building cellular coverage technology products and solutions. The Company helps wireless subscribers and increases radio frequency network capacity for mobile network operators. Nextivity operates in the State of California.