Feeder Cables

What is a Feeder Cable?

Feeder cables are coaxial cables used to connect tower or roof mounted antennas to active equipment or user devices located inside the building or communications hut.

Most RF transmission cables found in building risers and in tower cable trays are considered feeder cables. The vast majority of feeder cables use fully shielded corrugated outer conductors due PIM requirements in modern mobile communications systems. Entry-level braided cables such as LMR-400 can still be found in simple building repeater installations.

FJS2-50 feeder cable, superflexible corrugated cable

R-Spectrum integrate high performance corrugated feeder cables into our DAS systems, notably Commscope's FSJ2-50 and HELIAX LDF4-50A. For larger mining and underground systems occasionally a larger 7/8" AVA5-50 transmission line is necessary. We strictly use all genuine Commscope RF transmission cables.

Double-screened 400 series cables, such as Commscope's CNT-400 and Powertec's PT400 LSZH, are popular choices for small scale Cel-Fi repeater installations. At 4G cellular frequencies, these cables provide reasonable performance up to about 20 to 30 metres.