RF Cable Types

This document has been composed to provide a industry reference for common coaxial cable types and their nominal specifications. The table below has been compiled with the generous assistance from industry leading manufacturers. This list is not to be considered exhaustive and often does not include manufacturer-specific designs.

Data are shown nominally to convey typical performance of the most common types of radio frequency cables - for manufacturer-specific data, information on reels and assemblies, please visit the cable section of our equipment catalogue.

Image Series Max. Frequency Diameter
0.034" semi rigid coaxial cable layers

0.034" SR

155.0 GHz 0.86 mm
0.047 semi flexible RF cable with no jacket

0.047" SF

109.0 GHz 1.19 mm
0.047 inch semi rigid coaxial cable layers

0.047" SR

109.0 GHz 1.19 mm
0.063" semi-rigid coaxial cable layers

0.063" SR

85.0 GHz 1.60 mm
0.086" semi flexible coaxial cable layers

0.086" SF

61.0 GHz 2.15 mm
0.086" semi rigid coaxial cable layers

0.086" SR

61.0 GHz 2.20 mm
1.13 mm Mini Coaxial microcoaxial cable

1.13 mm Mini-Coax

6.0 GHz 1.13 mm
1/2" half inch corrugated coaxial feeder cable commscope LDF4-50A

1/2" Corrugated

8.8 GHz 15.87 mm
1.37 mm Mini Coaxial microcoaxial cable

1.37 mm Mini-Coax

6.0 GHz 1.37 mm
1/4" quarter inch corrugated coaxial cable FSJ1-50

1/4" Corrugated

18.6 GHz 9.10 mm