RF Connector Series

This document has been composed to provide a industry reference for radio frequency connectors. The table below has been compiled against applicable ISO/IEC/MIL standards, with the generous assistance from industry leading manufacturers who have been listed below. While comprehensive, this list is not to be considered exhaustive and does not include manufacturer-specific designs. For all PCB-based RF connectors please see Micro RF Connector Types.

Gender Designation

RF connector genders are designated either Male (Plug) or Female (Jack) based on the physical characteristics of the connector body and centre contact. IEEE Std 315-1975 provides limited insight stating only that the female/receptacle/jack is usually stationary, and the male/plug is usually movable. IEC 61169 suggests gender is designated on the basis of whether the centre contact consists of a pin or socket. In the absence of any restrictive standard, the accepted practice is to designate on the basis of the following:

  1. Male or Plug Connector: Centre contact consists of a pin. Body typically features the active part of the coupling mechanism (e.g. coupling nut).
  2. Female or Jack Connector: Centre contact consists of a receptacle/socket. Body features a coupling mechanism complementary to the plug.
  3. Genderless Connector: Coupling mechanism does not utilise standard pin-socket contacts. Connector has both male and female (hermaphrodic) elements or surfaces.

Certain connector series, such as SMB, complicate the above ruling whereby the Male connector (i.e., connector with the pin) has a Jack body (i.e., body has no active coupling mechanism), and Female (i.e., connector with the socket) has a Plug body featuring the active coupling mechanism.

Reverse Polarisation

Several connector series also offer a reverse-polarised sub-series in which the connector gender is reversed by swapping the pin and receptacle into the opposing gender's body. For example, a Reverse Polarity Male connector will consist of the Male body with a female socket/receptacle. Reverse Polarity series are named by conjoining the prefix "RP-" to the connector series name, for example, Reverse Polarity SMA connectors are named RP-SMA.

Series Male Body Female Body

1.0 mm (W)

1.0mm W male plug RF connector
1.0mm W female socket RF connector


1.0/2.3 Male plug RF connector
1.0/2.3 Female socket RF connector


1.6/5.6 male plug RF connector
1.6/5.6 female socket RF connector

1.85 mm (V)

1.85 mm male plug RF connector
1.85 mm female socket RF connector

14 mm

14 mm RG900 precision RF connector
14 mm RG900 precision RF connector

2.4 mm (Q)

2.4mm male plug RF connector
2.4mm female socket RF connector

2.92 mm (K)

2.92mm male plug RF connector
2.92mm female plug RF connector

3.5 mm

3.5mm male plug RF connector
3.5mm female socket RF connector


4.1/9.5 DIN male plug RF connector
4.1/9.5 DIN female socket RF connector


4.3-10 Male Plug connector close up
4.3-10 female socket RF connector

7 mm (APC-7)

7 mm APC-7 genderless RF connector
7 mm APC-7 hermaphrodic RF connector

7/16 DIN

7/16 DIN male plug RF connector
7/16 DIN female socket RF connector


BNC male coaxial RF connector plug
BNC female coaxial RF connector jack


CRC9 antenna connector


FME coaxial connector, male