Times Microwave SMA Male Connector for LMR-240, Stainless Steel
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Times Microwave's series of stainless steel connectors are designed for RF systems operating in extremely harsh environments and those subjected to significant mechanical forces.

Times' Stainless Steel LMR-240 SMA Male connector is compatible with all LMR-240 series cables. The contact is soldered to the centre conductor, and ferrule is crimped using a standard 6.48 mm (.255") hex die tool.

The TC-240-SM-SS-X connector efficiently passes RF mode free up to 10 GHz.

Recommended Use

An Amphenol brand, Times Microwave connectors are world renown for their electrical performance and mechanical longevity and survivability.

Cable Suitability

L-240, sometimes referred to as LMR-240, is a low loss coaxial cable with a medium sized 6.10 mm outer diameter. This series is without a doubt the most popular choice of RF cable, due to its efficient compromise between performance and cost. 

L-240 cable provides the flexibility and easy installation of a smaller diameter cable, with the low attenuation and shielding advantages of a larger cable. Unlike larger cables, L-240 can pass 5G and mmWave frequencies up to 31 GHz.

Pound-for-pound L-240 has the lowest loss of any Flexible cable with performance comparable to Semi-Rigid hard-line cables.


Interface Specification

Body Shape
Free Hanging

RF Performance

Operating Freq. Range 0 to 10 GHz
VSWR < 1.25:1
Working VoltageNo Data
Input Impedance
50 Ω
Insertion Loss
0.05 dB
Insulation Resistance
> 5000 Ω

Physical Specification

Body Material(s)
Body Plating
25 x 8.1 mm (L x dia)
7.3 g
Contact Material(s)
Contact Plating
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 °C
Mating Cycles
> 500

Documentation & Resources

About the Supplier

Times Microwave Systems (TMS) is a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation (NYSE: APH) and part of the Amphenol Military and Aerospace (AMAO) division.  Times design and manufacture high performance coaxial cables, connectors, and cable assemblies for military, aerospace, telecommunications, industrial RF, and microwave applications.  For over 70 years Times Microwave have been committed to innovation, quality and the development of new products for demanding applications.