Western Downs - Mobile Broadband Speeds, Telstra 5G LiDAR

This downloadable coverage map contains a geographic model of Telstra 5G mobile broadband data speeds within the Western Downs Queensland Council Region. The model has been developed from LiDAR to ensure 5G coverage accurately reflects the impacts of buildings and structures.

Vegetation has been removed due to trees exhibiting partial RF transparency on the FR1 5G bands. To balance the removal of these data, propagation models have been adjusted. Vegetation remains in the model in those locations where 26 GHz mmWave 5G has been implemented.

The model is coloured in a traditional heat-map from blue to red, representing peak 5G NR downlink data rates from 80 to 900 Mb/s. Peak data rates represent the maximum achievable data rate at any given location. The model exclusively assesses availability of the n78 (3500 MHz) band, independent from Telstra's LTE-A Pro network.

The Western Downs 5G wireless broadband map can be used to determine availability of high speed data services. It covers the following major towns, although notably Telstra's 5G roll-out in this region is limited:

  • Dalby, Brigalow, Chinchilla, Kogan, Condamine, Drillham, Dulacca, Miles, Glenmorgan, Moonie, Tara, The Gums, Bell, Jandowae, Jimbour, Kaimkillenbun, Warra, Wandoan.

Recommended Use

This model has been generated to 2 metre grid accuracy using a combination of LiDAR and 1-metre digital elevation models.

The standard format for download is Google Earth KMZ, however a range of alternative formats are available for easy import into any GIS software on request (GeoTIFF, Google Map/OpenStreetMap Tiles, SVG, and many more).

2 m
4G Bands
33640.54 km²
GDA94, MGA Z55
5G Bands