Terms and Conditions of Use – Instant Messaging

R-Spectrum reserves the right to intercept and monitor the content of instant messages.  If you are not the intended recipient of this instant message, please delete and destroy all copies immediately.  Also, please be aware that instant messaging is not secure, and may be intercepted, altered, delayed, deleted or otherwise affected by unauthorized persons or technical failures without the knowledge of the sender or intended recipient.  Appropriate discretion should be exercised regarding the use, content and retransmission of instant messages.

This instant message is for your general information only and R-Spectrum is not soliciting any action based upon it.  It does not take into account the particular objectives, financial situation or needs of individual clients.  Before acting on any information in any instant message, you should consider whether it is suitable for your particular circumstances and, if necessary, seek your R-Spectrum representative or consultants’ advice.

This instant message has been prepared based upon information that R-Spectrum believes to be reliable.  However, R-Spectrum does not represent that the information in this instant message is accurate, complete and/or up-to-date and accepts no liability if it is not.  Any views expressed in this instant message are those of the individual sender except where the sender specifically states them to be the views of R-Spectrum.  Opinions expressed are current opinions only as of the date and time indicated.  Any historical price(s) or value(s) are also as of the date indicated.  R-Spectrum does not accept any responsibility to update any opinions or other information contained in this instant message.  Please note that R-Spectrum and/or its affiliates, officers, directors and employees, including persons involved in the preparation or issuance of this material, may, from time to time, have an interest in thereof, and serve as a director of companies mentioned in this instant message.  In addition, R-Spectrum may be serving or may have served as consultant by any such company within the last three years.

Please note that R-Spectrum makes important disclosures of its interests at Company Specific Disclosures.

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Please see Important Disclaimers and Disclosures for important risk disclosure, conflicts of interest and other terms and conditions relating to this instant message and your reliance on information contained in it. 

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