5725–5850 MHz (4 W)

Wireless Band

Operation of wireless network equipment on this Australian 5 GHz band is governed by Section 63 of the Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence 2015, which was last updated August 2019.

LIPD Class 2000 legislation permits the operation of frequency hopping and digital modulation transmitters between the range of 5725 to 5850 MHz, provided they operate under the conditions outlined below.


  • The transmitter must have a maximum EIRP of 4 Watt.
  • A minimum of 75 hopping frequencies must be used (frequency hopping transmitters)
  • The radiated peak power spectral density in any 3 kHz must not exceed 25 mW per 3 kHz (digitally modulated transmitters)

RFID transmitters are limited to 1 Watt EIRP. All other transmitter types are limited to 25 mW EIRP.