Telecommunications in Bahrain

Bahrain (البحرين‎‎), officially the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a small Arab constitutional monarchy in the Persian Gulf. It is an island country consisting of a small archipelago centered around Bahrain Island, situated between the Qatar peninsula and the north eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.

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ITU Analysis

Bahrain has a vibrant and advanced market for ICT services, with low prices and high usage of fixed and mobile-broadband services. With three competing mobile operators and 14 Internet operators, the country offers some of the lowest prices of fixed and mobile-broadband services in the Arab States region.

The efforts made by the Government of Bahrain over the past 15 years have resulted in making Bahrain one of the world’s most connected countries. Nearly all its households have Internet access and most of its citizens use the Internet on a regular basis.

Mobile penetration is well above the average penetration in Arab States region and globally. According to latest ITU data (June 2018) mobile coverage reaches 100% of the population, and 4G LTE also accessible by 100% of Bahraini citizens.