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Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, in proportions which can be varied to achieve varying mechanical and electrical properties.

Brass has higher malleability than bronze or zinc. The relatively low melting point of brass (900 to 940 °C, depending on composition) and its flow characteristics make it a relatively easy material to cast. By varying the proportions of copper and zinc, the properties of the brass can be changed, allowing hard and soft brasses.

7.20 - 8.86 g/cc
Tensile Strength, Ultimate
124 - 1030 MPa
Tensile Strength, Yield
34.5 - 683 MPa
Elongation at Break
32.0 %
Modulus of Elasticity
82.0 - 117 GPa
Electrical Resistivity
0.00000656 ohm-cm
CTE, linear
18.0 - 26.0 µm/m-°C
Specific Heat Capacity
0.380 J/g-°C
Thermal Conductivity
124 W/m-K