Bluesky Communications American Samoa

About the Bluesky Network

Bluesky Communications was the first company to launch in American Samoa on July 10, 1999. From its beginnings as a mobile phone company, Bluesky then expanded to also being an internet service provider, then acquiring the local cable TV operator in American Samoa in 2009.

Since then Bluesky and the services offered has grown to what it is today, having expanded into Samoa in March 2011 by purchasing SamoaTel, then into the Cook Islands in Feb 2015.  Bluesky operates the only submarine fibre optic cable connecting Samoa and American Samoa to Hawaii.

Full Name
Bluesky Communications
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Bluesky 3G

Bluesky launched 3G services in American Samoa in December 2011 and later upgrading the B5 (850 MHz) UMTS service to support HSPA+, providing up to 21 Mb/s downlink.

Technical Data
Launch Date 2011-12 Status Active
UMTS Band Packet Data Status

Bluesky 4G

Bluesky launched their 4G+ service in March of 2017 on B2 (1900 MHz) and B12 (700 MHz) with 2C carrier aggregation.

Technical Data
Evolution Status Active [Launched 2017-03-01]
Max. MIMO Max. Modulation
Carrier Aggregation
LTE Band Channel Width Status
10 MHz Active
10 MHz Active