About the UCom Network

UCom, branded as U!Com is a major mobile network operating in Armenia. UCom, then Orange Armenia, was established in 2009 after the Orange group acquired a mobile telecoms license in the region. Orange since deployed one of the country’s most extensive 3G and 4G networks across both in the capital Yerevan and many rural areas.

Orange Armenia was purchased by Ucom in 2015 who have since continued rapid expansion and improvement of the network, switching on LTE-A in late 2016. Ucom boasts the country's largest 4G LTE-A footprint.

Full Name
U!com Armenia Logo

UCom 3G

UCom has operated 3G UMTS services on B1 (2100 MHz) and B8 (900 MHz) bands since November 2009, which has since been upgraded to DC-HSPA+ in January 2012.

Technical Data
Launch Date 2009-11 Status Active
UMTS Band Packet Data Status

UCom 4G

The company launched 4G LTE-A in September 2016 with 2C carrier aggregation across B3 (1800 MHz), B7 (2600 MHz), and B20 (800 MHz) combinations, advertising peak data rates up to 250 Mbps. It is unclear whether 3C CA is available.

Technical Data
Evolution Status Active [Launched 2016-09-24]
Max. MIMO Max. Modulation
Carrier Aggregation
LTE Band Channel Width Status
20 MHz Active
10 MHz Active
10 MHz Active