B73 (450 MHz)

LTE Band 73 (450 MHz)

The 450 LTE APAC band was introduced to match 400 MHz UHF band planning in the Asia-Pacific region. The band supports up to a 5 MHz carrier in 2x2, providing up to 37 Mb/s of total channel capacity and connectivity beyond 100 kilometres.

Band 73 is limited to a maximum 5 MHz channel size, the maximum practical due to the 450 MHz band's large wavelength.

The band was introduced by the 3GPP in 2018.

Full Name
Coverage Area
263.00 km^2
450 MHz LTE propagation
Uplink / TDD Freq. Range450.0 to 455.0 MHz UL / TDD EARFCN133522 to 133571
Downlink Freq. Range460.0 to 465.0 MHz DL EARFCN68986 to 69035
Channel Widths0.2 1.4 3 5 Duplex Spacing
10 MHz