B87 (450 MHz)

LTE Band 87 (450 MHz)

The PPDR PMR/PMAR in EU band was introduced to match 400 MHz UHF band planning in the European Union. The band has been designed for use by European Broadband Public Protection and Disaster Relief. The band supports up to a 5 MHz carrier in 2x2, providing up to 37 Mb/s of total channel capacity and connectivity beyond 100 kilometres.

Band 87 is limited to a maximum 5 MHz channel size, the maximum practical due to the 450 MHz band's large wavelength.

The band was introduced by the 3GPP in April 2019.

Full Name
Coverage Area
266.00 km^2
400 MHz LTE in UHF band propagation
Uplink / TDD Freq. Range410.0 to 415.0 MHz UL / TDD EARFCN134182 to 134231
Downlink Freq. Range420.0 to 425.0 MHz DL EARFCN70546 to 70595
Channel Widths0.2 1.4 3 5 Duplex Spacing
10 MHz