Mobile Coverage Studies - 3G / 4G / 5G

Mobile Signal Analysis

We are often asked how we achieved connectivity where others couldn't.

The key is good science.

When we're approached by a new client one of our very first tasks is to diagnose the problem. Mobile connectivity is invisible and that can make it difficult to understand. Thanks to advanced computer modelling software we can build a visual map of mobile coverage with a high degree of accuracy.

The model is built by digitally simulating the Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone networks down to every detail. We have a comprehensive database of every mobile tower location in Australia, along with very detailed information on each transmitter - antenna heights, types, radio technology, power levels, beam patterns, MIMO modes, and more. This information is overlaid on a digital model of Australia which not only includes a very high accuracy terrain model but also vegetation types and heights, buildings, scrubland, agricultural crops, and so forth.

The end result is a model that gives us an easy to understand colour heat map of 3G, 4G, and 5G signal strengths. Our software then allows us to simulate a mobile device (such as a phone or modem) located at any position on the map and vary the antenna type and installation height. We're then able to recommend the exact equipment you need and how to install it, or one of our technicians (or local partners) can complete the installation.

3G, 4G, 4GX, 5G Coverage Modelling

What causes weak signal?

While there's a huge number of potential causes, most signal issues come down to a few things. Click each link to learn more.

  • Obstructing terrain features
  • Nearby trees and buildings
  • Thick walls, metal-framed buildings
  • Network interference
  • Weather
Nearest cell towers

Types of Surveys Available

We have two survey reports available depending on whether you're looking to solve coverage issues at a single location, or understand wide-area mobile coverage problems such as at a mine site.

Standard Computer Modelling Survey

Our Standard Mobile Coverage Survey is used to determine signal issues at an ordinary location, such as at a farm or house. The report, while still very comprehensive, is easier to understand and provides a recommendation on equipment that can be purchased, along with an estimate on the installation height, and direction the antenna must be pointed.

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Advanced Computer Modelling Survey

An Advanced Mobile Coverage Survey can be booked to analyse signal issues within a defined geographic area. This type of survey is recommended for construction, mining, and energy clients seeking predictive modelling. This type of survey is ideal for haul road planning, locating the best position for a site office, and so on.

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