3G / 4G / 5G RF Modelling Survey

Solving weak phone reception or slow mobile broadband data speeds can seem like a difficult task. It's made difficult by the fact that wireless signal is invisible. A computer modelling study builds a simple colour map of mobile signal levels, allowing us to very easily understand the reasons why signal is poor in your area.

When booking the survey we will ask a few questions about where you are, which mobile network and what devices you're using, and how many bars of service you can receive indoors and outdoors.

We then input your coordinates into a computer model that we've spent years developing. The model was developed by digitally simulating the tens of thousands of mobile towers across the country for each mobile network (Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone). High accuracy terrain and vegetation models allow us to identify any hills and trees that are impacting network transmission.

The survey takes a few hours to complete. We try to have the survey emailed within one day, but it can depend on how busy we are.

Step 1. - Submit Details


Enter the email address that we should send the report to.

Your Address or GPS coordinates

We need to know what location you need help with. This is generally in the form of an ordinary postal address. Rural address can often be poorly recorded in government databases, so its always appreciated if you can instead provide us the GPS coordinates of your building.

Which Mobile Network - Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone

We also need to know what network your mobile phone or mobile broadband service is using. As part of our report we will provide information about improving both mobile phone service and mobile internet.

Describe the Problem

Try to describe the problems you are having as best you can. How many signal bars does your phone or modem show? Is coverage good outside but just weak indoors? The more information you can provide us the more we can help.

Step 2. - Complete Payment

Now that you've submitted your details please complete the online payment. If you'd prefer we send you a tax invoice or if you need to submit a purchase order, please skip this step.