Cel-Pod - Mobile Coverage Tripod

Site-Wide Mobile Coverage

For permanent / semi-permanent mobile coverage solutions, a Cel-Pod tripod tower can be erected at site.

Transportable directly to site, the Cel-Pod system can be supplied as a deployable kit or our technicians can build the system to provide a truly turn-key system.

Cel-Pod provides instant 3G / 4G mobile connectivity by detecting distant cellular signal and using its in-built repeater to amplify and rebroadcast service throughout the local area. Depending on received signal strength, each unit can provide coverage within a 500 metre sector. Additional units can piggy-back in relay to extend coverage beyond several kilometres.

Mobile Network Connectivity

The system can be pre-built with Telstra, Optus, and/or Vodafone repeater units. Each repeater can provide 3G or 4G voice and data services. Cel-Pod is designed to be set-and-forget. The tripod tower is erected onsite, switched on, and left to operate for the duration of your project.

Cel-Pod cell-on-wheels temporary tripod tower solar mobile coverage

Fully Managed System

Our team can take care of everything. Through strategic partnership with our National IT and ISP partners, R-Spectrum can provide each Cel-Pod tripod tower as a fully managed platform. Cel-Pod towers are GPS tracked and remotely managed, allowing our team to receive live alerts and perform remote fault diagnosis.

R-Spectrum technicians handle the entire process from geographic RF survey, transport to site, tripod erection, yearly maintenance, and decommission.

How does it work?

Cel-Pod towers are designed to be assembled at a location near your site where 3G / 4G service has been detected. Using high gain receiving antennas mobile and data signals can be detected at even extremely weak levels. This weak service is amplified by Cel-Pod's boosters to full strength. This full strength service is then rebroadcast through a sector antenna which has been aimed to the location where service is needed.

Depending on how far your site is from the tower all phones in the general vicinity will now show as having service. Devices close to the tower will show as having full five bars, those further away might show one to three bars. Buildings further than 300-500 metres from the tower will benefit from having a repeater installed with its antenna aiming back to the Cel-Pod.

Ultimately service quality and data speeds depend on how strong of a signal can be generated by the Cel-Pod. If the Cel-Pod is installed on a small hill where signal is strong, then excellent quality services can be rebroadcast throughout the area and at a much longer distance.

The ordering process is as follows.

  1. Initial Desktop Survey is performed to determine service availability in the area.
  2. Analysis of terrain features, location access, antenna types and configurations is performed to build a coverage estimate.
  3. Cel-Pod is then manufactured, either a new build or reconfiguration based on required hardware and project lifespan.
  4. R-Spectrum technicians deliver the tripod to site, erect the tower, and set up antennas according to initial desktop analysis
  5. Technicians revisit site periodically according to maintenance program.
  6. Cel-Pod is decommissioned at completion of client's project and returned to our Sunshine Coast facility.
Cel-Pod mobile coverage tripod tower 3G & 4G in rural NSW

Price & Availability

Cel-Pod towers are available for lease at a standard rate of $140 per day. Towers can be purchased outright for a negotiated price (depending on options).

We typically maintain one unit available for dispatch within one week. New builds have a leadtime of three weeks.