R-Spectrum is joining the Powertec family during 2024.

Powertec is an advanced RF technology developer and integrator servicing Australia, Pacific, and developing regions throughout the globe. The R-Spectrum website will be closing early 2024 following our team joining Powertec.

Our team provides full radiofrequency consulting services to our clients, following the product lifecycle from design, development, testing, production, through to post-production verification. Using our significant reach, we also help designers and manufacturers introduce their products to the global marketplace.

4G In-Building Coverage

RF Project Consulting

Connectivity Solutions

Specialists in advanced communication systems, R-Spectrum leverage emerging 4G LTE and 5G NR technologies, low band, digital dividend, and conventional microwave to help our clients deliver data connectivity to some of the world's most isolated locations.

Delivered with an engineering sciences-based approach, R-Spectrum's team integrate a broad range of wireless technologies including;

  • Cellular 4G In-Building Coverage systems
  • Agricultural and mining automation
  • Long range 4G and 5G data connectivity
  • Starlink and Swarm LEO
  • Narrowband IoT / LPWAN networks
  • mmWave / packet microwave links
  • Sub-6 GHz point to multipoint and mesh

Our integration capabilities are further extended by our experience in Machine Learning, RS232 / RS485, and custom software development. R-Spectrum proudly develop full custom wireless systems, specialising in the unusual and unsolvable. We integrate a range of multi-antenna, beamforming, automated tracking, and remote controlled antenna technologies.


Project Work

As a telecommunications system designer and integrator, we're always on the lookout for new and challenging wireless projects. R-Spectrum leverages a network of independent contractors spanning the country to build enterprise-grade wireless systems, high speed data connectivity, and remote mobile services. Our capabilities include;

  • Project management & consulting
  • Nation-wide installation for Cel-Fi & Cellferno
  • Documentation to ISO 9001
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Maintenance and fault-finding