Taoglas G30 Olympian Wideband 4G / IoT Stud Antenna
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The G30 Olympian is a high performance screw mount wide-band cellular antenna for external use on vehicles and outdoor assets worldwide. Omnidirectional high gain and high efficiency across all bands ensures constant reception and transmission. This is vital for today's high data bandwidth applications in video and mobile broadband.

Durable UV resistant ABS housing is resistant to vandalism and direct attack. At only 48 mm height it complies with the latest EU height restrictions directives for roof-mounted objects. This antenna is mounted on metal and plastic structures and is locked from the inside of the structure by a nut. Adhesive foam at the base provides a watertight seal to the mounting structure. High quality waterproof and corrosion resistant Teflon jacket RG316 is used for the cable.

Two of these G30 separated at distance from each other are ideal for the latest LTE MIMO spatial diversity applications.

Customized cable length and connectors are available. Taoglas recommend a minimum cable length of 70 mm when used on a ground plane to achieve an efficiency of greater than 40% in the 900 MHz band and greater than 60% in the 1800 MHz band.

Recommended Use

  • Wideband 698 to 2700 MHz covering most cellular bands
  • Screw-Mount/Permanent Mount
  • No Ground Plane Required
  • Waterproof IP67 Rated
  • First Tier Automotive Approved
  • 1 metre RG316 cable with SMA Male straight connector
  • Fully customizable cable length and connector
Frequency Range [ ? ]698 to 2800 MHz
Polarisation [ ? ]
Max. Input Power [ ? ]5 W
Input Impedance50 Ω
MIMO [ ? ]
PIM, 3rd Order [ ? ]
Frequency Range [ ? ] Peak Gain [ ? ] VSWR [ ? ] Efficiency Average Gain Inter-Port [ ? ] El. [ ? ]
698 to 960 MHz 1.2 dBi
< 3.0:1
-4.5 dBi
1710 to 2170 MHz 3.2 dBi
< 3.0:1
-2.5 dBi
2300 to 2483 MHz 1.5 dBi
< 3.0:1
-4.5 dBi
2500 to 2800 MHz 2.5 dBi
< 2.0:1
-4.5 dBi

Physical Specification

Operating Temperature-40 to 85 °C
66 g
48 x 50 mm (H x ø)
Nickel plated stud, M12
Ingress Protection
RF Connections Cable Length Notes
1x Male Free Hanging 1000 mm
Cellular 700 to 2700 MHz

3D Patterns

3D radiation patterns provide an intuitive view of how an antenna radiates in three dimensions. Unlike simulations, they are developed by taking 1656 measurements across three axes inside a certified laboratory faciity.

849 MHz
849 MHz
915 MHz
915 MHz
1710 MHz
1710 MHz
2110 MHz
2110 MHz
2595 MHz
2595 MHz

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Taoglas provides a comprehensive range of external, embedded and base station antenna solutions for M2M applications such as Telematics / Automotive, Smart-Grid, Metering / Telemetry, Home Automation, Remote Monitoring and Medical applications.