Cel-Fi GO2 - 3G & 4G Repeater for Optus

The Cel-Fi GO2 is a highly effective repeater designed to improve Optus mobile voice, text, and data coverage. This model has been designed to improve both Optus 3G and 4G services in a matter of minutes.

Setting up the repeater to improve indoor mobile coverage is simple. The unit has an input connection and an output connection which are set up as follows:

  • Input connection: connected to roof mounted antenna by cable
  • Output connection: can either connect directly to an antenna, or can use one or more cables to distribute signal elsewhere.

The Cel-Fi GO2 works by decoding and amplifying weak Optus signal detected by the roof mounted antenna. This signal is then boosted up to 100 dB using a linear amplifier and output through the antenna or series of antennas connected to the output port.

Unique to the GO2, the repeater is IP66 ingress protection rated and built tough for use in outdoor and tough environments.

The Optus Cel-Fi GO2 can operate on two frequency bands simultaneously, providing either 3G and 4G coverage, or 2C 4G LTE-Advanced for higher data speeds.

Recommended Use

It's important to note that the Cel-Fi GO2 (G32) does not support B28 (700 MHz). When operating in a regional area this Optus repeater should be set to relay B8 (900 MHz) and B3 (1800 MHz). In urban areas best performance will be achieved setting the unit two relay B7 (2600 MHz) where possible.

Mobile services can be distributed throughout a large home or building by using a series of antennas, creating localised hotspots of 4G service. Optus have extremely tight restrictions on how this unit may be operated so as to prevent interference to their network. R-Spectrum in partnership with Powertec can develop an Optus-compliant solution for your building.

This model isn't normally available for online purchase. The R-Spectrum team will use this unit in developing a tailored mobile coverage solution for you.

Technical Specification

System Gain100 dB Input Impedance50 Ω
Relay Bandwidth
40 MHz
Simultaneous Bands
MIMO Ingress Protection
Max. DL Power
16 dBm
Max. UL Power
22 dBm
Operating Temperature0 to 65 °C Dimensions
272.5 x 96.5 x 43.5 mm (L x W x D)
0.85 kg
Power Supply
9.6 to 16.5 Vdc via external supply
RF Connections Notes
1x Female PCB, End Launch
SMA Female input (from Donor Antenna)
1x Female PCB, End Launch
SMA Female output (to Service Antennas)

About the Supplier

Nextivity, Inc. develops and sells in-building cellular coverage technology products and solutions. The Company helps wireless subscribers and increases radio frequency network capacity for mobile network operators. Nextivity operates in the State of California.