RG-402 Patch Cable, SMA Female to SMA Male, 18 cm
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SMA Female to SMA Male RG-402 0.141" semi-flex patch cables are a high performance, microwave-grade assembly designed to interconnect two components within an RF system. The RG-402 assembly boasts low PIM, low VSWR, and 110 dB shielding.

SMA Female to SMA Male patch cables are very short coaxial cables designed to sit between a larger feeder cable and the end device, providing flexibility and strain relief to prevent damage to the equipment.

These cables are factory terminated and swept prior to leaving the manufacturing facility.

Recommended Use

RG-402 is a 0.141" Semi Flex cable type used a very high performance patching cable. Most SMA Male to SMA Female patch cables find their use in commercial and industrial RF systems where a short connection is required from the antenna feeder to the device.

Bulk and custom supply can be arranged at significantly reduced pricing, with global shipment via our facility in Guangzhou, China.


Physical Specification

Cable Series Length
180 mm
Frequency Range 0 to 6000 MHz Input Impedance 50 Ω
VSWR< 1.50:1 PIM, 3rd Order
Working Voltage
500 Vrms
Mating Cycles
> 500
13.5 g
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 105 °C

Interface #1

Body Shape
Free Hanging

Interface #2

Body Shape
Free Hanging
CAD Drawing
CA402B-SA2SA1-018 CAD Drawing

About the Supplier

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