Wireless Links

Microwave & mmWave Links

R-Spectrum design high performance microwave and mmWave wireless links using a range of frequencies spanning from 900 MHz through to 80 GHz.

The majority of our work is L2 transparent bridging, using packet microwave radios to deliver high capacity wireless connectivity from distances as short as a few hundred metres, to beyond 100 kilometres.

A number of wireless radios can operate in multipoint mode, providing the ability to connect several 'subscribers' to a single base station.

Resources & Articles

Microwave & mmWave Waveguide Sizes

The use of coaxial cable as a transmission line becomes increasingly detrimental as the operating frequency increases. Microwave and mmWave communication technologies employ waveguide transmission lines between the radio and antenna to overcome the electrical...

Microwave and mmWave Communication

Microwave technologies use electromagnetic waves in the microwave band to achieve wireless communication. While the microwave band theoretically includes all frequencies above 300 MHz, in common practice the term is used to describe communication conducted...