Telecommunications in Albania

Albania, officially the Republic of Albania (Republika e Shqipërisë), is a country in Southern and Southeastern Europe.

According to latest ITU data (June 2018) mobile coverage reaches 99.2% of the population, and 4G LTE accessible by 85.3% of Albanians. 

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ITU Analysis

This small market of just under 3 million inhabitants has a competitive mobile market with a high mobile-cellular penetration rate. Fixed services are less commonplace in Albania and fixed-broadband is scarcely available, especially in rural areas of the country.

Albania’s ICT ecosystem has seen a positive development over the past decade. Innovation strategies brought forward by the Government and the European Union enlargement process have fostered policy reform, in particular in the ICT sector (European Commission, 2014). Access to and use of ICTs have grown due to the Government’s strategic vision and liberalization of the ICT market. While ICT infrastructure is well developed in urban centres, rural connectivity remains a challenge. In some regions, especially rural ones, costs can be high and penetration low. The lack of rural connectivity is “one of the major gaps” and hampers growth in the country (ITU, 2016).

Mobile Network Operators

ALBtelecom Sh.a provides fixed telephony and Internet services to individuals and businesses in Albania. In February 2013, ALBtelecom acquired Eagle Mobile, turning it into a brand within ALBtelecom, which has since been dissolved.
3G: Active
4G: Active
Telekom Albania SH.A. (also known as T-Mobile Albania) is a telecommunications company that operates in Albania. Telekom Albania sh.a. provides mobile telecommunications services in Albania. It also offers wireless Internet services; and sells smartphones.
3G: Active
4G: Active
Vodafone Albania Sh.A provides telecommunications services. The company was incorporated in 2001 and is based in Tirana, Alabania. Vodafone Albania Sh.A operates as a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc.
3G: Active
4G: Active
5G: Planned