B38 (2600 MHz)

LTE Band 38 (2600 MHz)

The IMT Extension Gap band is a Time-Division Duplex LTE band operating in the 2600 MHz frequency range. The popularity of this band is the result of refarming 2.5 GHz WiMAX services to LTE.

Within Australia this band is in use for the provision of television services, with four media operators holding the following allocations:

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (2570 to 2585 MHz)
  • Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd (2585 to 2595 MHz)
  • Network Ten (Sydney) Pty Ltd (2595 to 2605 MHz)
  • Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd (2605 to 2620 MHz)
Full Name
IMT Extension Gap
Coverage Area
86.90 km^2
Band 38 2600 MHz TDD LTE coverage prediction
Uplink / TDD Freq. Range2570.0 to 2620.0 MHz UL / TDD EARFCN37750 to 38249
Channel Widths5 10 15 20 Duplex Spacing