Connecting Australia and the World

Bringing connectivity to the world means designing and building new systems that extend the operation of mobile networks.

We develop High Speed Antenna Array (HSAA) units that leverage emerging 4G and 5G technologies such as Massive MIMO, Coordinated Multipoint, and Beamforming to deliver multi-gigabit throughput over long distances.

To deliver mobile services to isolated and remote areas, we've designed quick-deployable systems that your team can tow or truck to site.

A few of our most popular systems are priced below. Full integration assistance is available to ensure setup is as simple as possible.

 Couterhawk mobile communications trailer solar powered

We're often asked how can 5G-like speeds be provided in rural and regional areas. Eigenlink is how.

Balloon-based systems allow wireless equipment to be floated as high as 200 metres where connectivity is possible.

For instant deployable mobile coverage, look no further than Cel-Cow. These for-hire systems can be delivered to site for instant 3G / 4G coverage.

For permanent / semi-permanent mobile coverage solutions, a Cel-Pod tripod tower can be erected at site.