Repeater Trailer - Coverage on Wheels

Turn-Key Mobile Coverage

For instant deployable mobile coverage, look no further than a Powertec Repeater Trailer. Available in hire and lease arrangement, this system can be dropped to site for instant 4G coverage.

Powertec's Repeater Trailer comprises a light-duty mine-spec trailer platform with a full solar power and electronics subsystem. We provide the Repeater Trailer as a turn-key system that can be towed to the required location, powered on, and mobile coverage available within five minutes.

The unit is supplied standard with a Telstra-approved repeater which boosts Telstra 4G coverage to five bars within a few hundred metres of the trailer. Depending on the area requiring coverage, the trailer can broadcast Telstra voice and mobile data services in one direction as far as one kilometre. Multiple trailers can be daisy-chained to extend mobile signal even further.

Each trailer can be made-to-order. Manufactured in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, each trailer can be outfitted with a range of options. Multiple repeaters can be installed to boost both Telstra and Optus networks, or multiple network technologies such as rebroadcasting both 3G and 4G services.

R-Spectrum Cel-Cow - Coverage on Wheels, remote mobile connectivity

Fully Managed Platform

We'll take care of everything. Powertec provide each Repeater Trailer as a fully managed platform, monitored by our Gold Coast National Operations Centre (NOC). Repeater Trailers are GPS tracked and remotely managed, allowing our team to receive live alerts and perform remote fault diagnosis.

Our technicians can handle the entire process from geographic survey, delivery, installation, maintenance, including demobilisation and return where desired.

How does it Work?

Like all wireless systems, good planning is key to success. Repeater Trailers need to be placed in a location where 3G or 4G service is possible, even at an extremely weak signal level. The system then uses a directional rebroadcast antenna to transmit boosted mobile service into an area with weak or no connectivity.

The most common setup scenario involves placing the trailer on a hill where signal is marginally stronger and aiming the rebroadcast antenna down into the area where service is required. Another common use-case is deploying the trailer near a site office to provide coverage to both the site demountables and the surrounding area. Repeater Trailers can also be set up with highly directional receive and retransmit antennas to act as a relay between multiple trailers, extending service over several kilometres.

The ordering process is as follows.

  1. Initial Desktop Survey is performed to determine service availability in the area.
  2. Analysis of terrain features, location access, antenna types and configurations is performed to build a coverage estimate.
  3. The Repeater Trailer is then manufactured, either a new build or reconfiguration based on required hardware and project lifespan.
  4. Technicians deliver trailer to site and set up antennas according to initial desktop analysis, or the system is freighted to your team for self-management
  5. Technicians revisit site periodically according to maintenance program.
  6. The Repeater Trailer is decommissioned at completion of the project and either returned to our facility, or redeployed at a new site.
mobile coverage range extension trailer google earth

Price & Availability

Repeater Trailers are available for lease at a rate starting from as little as $110/day. Trailers can be purchased outright for a negotiated price (depending on options).

We typically maintain one unit available for immediate dispatch. New builds have a leadtime of six weeks per 1-5 trailers.